33. O JESUS!

33. On Jesus

1. O Jesus, born in Nazareth!

You are deified man

and manified God.


2. Jesus is man and deity

so that everything God has created

may participate in Him.


3. Jesus, conceived by the Holy Spirit!

By Your death on the cross You have redeemed

mankind who was lost.


5. Jesus, the saved man will enjoy glory

in respect of Your sensible nature,

when he gazes upon your deified body.


6. Jesus, the world was created from nothing

for Your sake above all,

which is why You deserve the highest honours.


7. Jesus, whose person comprises

man and deity,

have great mercy upon us.


8. Jesus, take pity upon us

for we are almost all at fault

and are exiled from virtuous love.


9. Jesus, make us not indifferent,

since You would be glad

if everyone were able to gaze upon You.


10. Jesus, it is good to say Your name,

to understand You and to remember You,

to serve You and to conceive love for You.