4. On the Trinity

1. O divine and most lofty Trinity!

Just as all plurality exists for Your sake,

so too does all created unity exist for the sake of divine unity.


2. Were God not to exist distinctly as a Trinity,

concordance, concording and equality would not reside in Him,

and He would be in proximity to contradicting, unequalling and contrariety.


3. In God there are divine properties

so that in Him one may understand and love

the distinct acts of unseparated deity.


4. The divine Trinity consists in paternity,

filiation and spirability,

and all three constitute a single essence in a single deity.


5. In God there cannot exist quaternity,

because deifier, deifiable and deifying

suffice for the deity.


6. Without the Trinity, deity could not

retain its own nature as lover, loveable and beloved,

in the absence of which it would remain empty.


7. Were no distinction to exist between understanding, understander and understood,

God would no longer be able to know which of the three He was,

nor could infinitising or eternalising amount to anything.


8. I am sad and concerned

because the Trinity of the almighty God

is not loved and known by all people.


9. It would seem that whoever knows the Trinity yet does not wish to demonstrate it

to those who might know and love it,

cannot be absolved of his guilt.


10. Kneeling, hands clasped, penitent and in tears,

I give and entrust myself to You, O divine Trinity:

Please let me carry out Your orders.