On Compassion

Instàncies de la traducció

LX. On Compassion

1. Since God has given origin to men
so that they may be saved,
He takes pity upon them when they sin.[1] 
2. God is compassionate by virtue of love,
so sinners, therefore, must
love Him and His honour.
3. A sinner shall not be forgiven
unless he shows compassion towards himself
as well as love for his neighbour.
4. A man who is compassionate
<both> loves and fears God,
for which reason he is highly pleasing to Him.
5. Whoever refuses to be pious
refuses to love or fear God,
but rather shows indifference towards Him.
6. A man who is pious
feels shame as soon as he sins,
and weeps and is fearful.
7. Compassion is worth more to a person
than is dominion over a kingdom
or the friendship of an honourable man.
8. By means of piety can people ask God
to forgive their sins,
which people God is unable to refuse.
9. A man who is not compassionate
is cruel and proud
and cherishes treacherous men.
10. God entertained such compassion for us
that He chose to be put to death and hanged,  
as well as crowned with thorns.

[1] For the verb començar, see n. 1, Ch. V, § 6.