On God's Succour

Instàncies de la traducció

LXIX. On God's Succour

1. God provides succour to sinners
when they are in peril and in fear,
and request assistance from Him.
2. God provides succour to the man who repents
and who submits himself to doing good
for the sake of penance and justice.
3. Since God has created men
and bears good will towards them,
He wishes them to request His succour.
4. Requesting God’s succour so that He may assist one
in attaining virtue
is a request greatly desired by Him.
5. As soon as God’s succour is requested,
does He come to man’s aid,
provided that the request is faithfully made.
6. Whoever requests from God possessions,
a <decent> livelihood and the receipt of honours,
fails to make very gratifying requests.
7. He who requests God’s succour at <the point of> death
in order that He may spare him great suffering and harm,
must ensure that his request is very fervently made.
8. It is far better to request God’s succour
so that He may be greatly honoured thereby
than in order that He may choose to grant one salvation.
9. He who wishes greatly to honour God
can request His succour with assurance,
for God is unable to refuse him.
10. You, O Lord God, art my refuge,
which is why I humbly ask You
to assist me in honouring You.