On Naming

Instàncies de la traducció

LXVII. On Naming

1. The name of God is unity,
Trinity and infinity,
Jesus <Christ>, greatness and goodness.
2. One can name God by means of many words,
to wit, God, deity and deifying,
infinitising, loving and eternifying.
3. Every name by which God may be named,
must be of great sanctity,
virtue, worth and utility.
4. Whoever names God without love
knows not the great worth of His name,
for he renders it no honour.
5. God ought to be named as much
for deifying as He is for <His> deity;
<and> accordingly is He named by reason of His operation.
6. A single name pertaining to the created and the Creator
is required which is the greatest such
with respect to the one who is to be named.
7. It is worthier to name God frequently though remain poor
than it is to name Him seldom while amassing wealth,
<for such wealth> dishonours God’s name.
8. The name of God is so honourable
that whoever utters it sinfully
holds that name in dishonour.
9. He who utters God’s name lovingly
and who does not belie it by reason of fear
renders great honour to that name.
10. Those who name God and take pleasure in that name,
render honour thereto, and they can attain,
by such naming, God’s honour and virtuous hope.
11. One should preserve and honour so greatly
<those things> whereby God’s name can be uttered
that one avoids speaking or committing any evil.