On Praising

Instàncies de la traducció

LXVI. On Praising

1. O God Who art praised for Your unity,
Your Trinity, and because You became incarnate
and <art> the Creator! May You be loved.
2. God is praised because He is infinite
and because He is perfect in every good
and because He has not erred in any respect.
3. God is as worthy of praise
by reason of His loving as He is by reason of His love,
for together they possess equal worth.
4. Eternity is praised
in virtue of the eternifier and the eternified,
as well as of the eternifying breathed forth from both.
5. God is praised for possessing so much power
that He is supernaturally capable of accomplishing
whatsoever He pleases.
6. God is praised for possessing the greatest truth,
the greatest virtue and the greatest charity
and for possessing the whole of greatness.
7. Those who fail to praise God for <His> deifying,
<His> generating and <His> spirating
know not how to praise Him.
8. Praises <uttered> with regard to infinitising are worthier
than <those uttered> for whatever might be created,
for infinitude could not reside <in the latter>.
9. Were goodness to lack the bonifier, the bonified and bonifying,
which <all> pertain to its essence,
it could not be praised in the greatest manner.
10. If God had not taken on human nature,
He would not be praised by reason of the greatness of love
<that obtains> between the cause and the caused.