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On Singularity

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VIII. On Singularity

1. O Being, who art singular
in Your infinitising and eternalising!
To You alone do I give my love.
2. Eternity is far greater
if it exists as a singularity
than if it were to exist as a duality.
3. Since God is singular in <His> infinity,
He must be singular in <His> eternity,
so that within Him these may enjoy equality.
4. God is singular as regards infinitising,
eternalising and perfecting,
and also as regards deifying and unifying.
5. In God power, wisdom and will
exist as a singularity,
insofar as together they constitute a single unity.
6. Love’s action is singular in <the> love
of <the> beloved and <the> lover,
and the same applies to praise.
7. Good greatness exists as a singularity in virtue of goodness,
and it is loved <as such> by the will,
and, <in terms of its> material cause, it is a creature of creation.
8. God assumed a single human nature,
so that by means of a singular thing
the Incarnation might possess greater goodness.
9. A singularity which exists as <the act of> loving
causes love to increase so greatly
that it can never tire of <such loving>.
10. In God, were there not to exist singularity
as regards His proper properties,
His unity would fail to be great.
11. Since God is singular in terms of His worth,
to Him belongs singular honour,
greater than any other.